Beauty & Truth

Modernity tells me there is no Light, With prose of chance and dim-lit sight, I see it still, I do not fright, While solemnity walks into the night I am told that ‘nothing’ created all, Space and time without a fall, The prideful knower stands so tall, She claims divinity, in which she’ll thrall Love […]

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Looking at Screens: A Poem

I spend too much of my time looking at screens, Forsaking the people around me for a post or a tweet, Soaking up the words on a million people’s minds, Do I even have a clue, what’s going on in mine? I see a bird or the sun through the trees, I’ve got the impulse […]

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Stop Trying So Hard

For the longest time, I’ve read the Bible like a math lesson. Similar to a mathematical problem, I’ve tried to find different Bible reading formulas that match whatever problem I’m dealing with.

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Like most people, I grew up with a nagging desire to leave my hometown and explore more of the world. That desire hasn’t gone away, but as Lydia and I have stepped outside of all that we’ve known and loved for the first time in our lives, we’ve come to recognize the beauty and wonder of Kansas.

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Kindness and the Narrow Road

Do you ever think that kindness is hard to find these days?
We live in a quick-to-speak culture. Wait… Maybe that’s too easy. Maybe it’d be better to say that we are a quick-to-speak culture. To assume that we are somehow standing outside of the culture looking in is to misunderstand our place. . . .

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The Earth is Good

As I write this I am hanging in a hammock among the many trees of Cherokee Park in Louisville. My wife, Lydia, is lying in her hammock which is tied up in between the two trees next to me. Together, we make a triangle-hammock between three trees. . .

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