About This Blog

Life is a progression. A progression of faith and doubt, questions and answers.

Some people promote an idea that says questions and doubts are out of boundaries in the Christian faith. If we would just trust what the Good Book says, we’ll be in good shape. We should not voice the questions in our heads because if we do, we are not “trusting God.” We just need to believe strongly and push our doubts away. In doing so, we’ll make it through life, and as they say, “go to Heaven when we die.”

I believe that the Bible tells a different story. The Bible, contrary to popular opinion, tells the story of a people who are faced with slavery and death and doubt and life. Rather than suppressing their feelings and struggles, they express their deepest thoughts and emotions before a God who hears and welcomes their pain. A God who turns out to be present in the darkest of moments. A God who creates, who actively pursues justice on the Earth, and who always gives abounding grace. One Hebrew Poet put it this way:

All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness. -Psalm 25:10

Is There Space?┬áis my personal blog where I’ll share some of my thoughts and struggles and reflections. I really don’t know where its headed or who will read it, but I enjoy writing and joining in on the conversation.

I began with a reflection on doubt and faith because that’s where this blog was birthed, in a place of a growing sense of trust in the midst of doubt and questions. But it might be headed in totally different directions (theology, architecture, space travel, coffee, nature, and who knows what else!).

I invite you to join me in creating space where people are free to voice what might be going on in their heads and hearts, and together trust the God who is Love (1 Jn. 4:16).


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