Meet Drake


Hi there! My name is Drake. I am married to a beautiful woman named Lydia and we live in Kentucky. We enjoy reading books and going to coffee shops to read those books while drinking Cortado’s (Me) and Chai Latte’s (Lydia). Lydia loves to read novels, whereas I enjoy reading books that are theological/philosophical. Each have a uniqueness and beauty of their own.

Like many, my life has been inspired and transformed by people throughout the centuries who have joined in on the ancient practice of writing things down. Things written down have spoken to me in ways that I’ll never forget; whether it be words out of the Bible, a book about trees, or one of N.T. Wright’s many books about Jesus.

That being said, I want to join them. I think that a blog is yet another way for people to write down and record their thoughts, as well as share them. So that’s why IS THERE SPACE? is here.

Everyone’s got something to bring to the table and this blog’s part of what I’m bringing. I hope you find ideas that you’ll enjoy and think more about, as well as some things that you’ll disagree with. Growth happens for me and for you through thinking, agreeing and disagreeing, and applying our hearts.

Thanks for the interest my friend’s,

Drake Burrows