Why Did I Start a Blog?

Whenever I sit down to write something, 3 questions usually come to mind.

  • Why am I writing this?
  • Is this helpful for the world?
  • I’m young and inexperienced in many areas. Should I even try to speak into the lives of others, many of whom are much older and wiser than I am?

As I’ve started writing for this blog, these questions have been dancing around in my head. I figured, why not write out some reasons for why I would like to blog? If I’m going to share my thoughts with the world (i.e., friends and family) every now and then, why not have some goals for that endeavor? So, I’ve come up with a few reasons/goals for myself. They may seem simple, and I’m okay with that. I hope they provide some ground for me to stand on, as well as encourage you in your creative endeavors!

1) I love writing.

Whether its a song or a poem or an essay, I simply enjoy writing. Over the years, I have written several songs about many different things. This past December, I was so grateful to be able to share 3 of them with you! Though songs are a blast to create and fun to share, my urge to write doesn’t stop there.

I started journaling on March 14th. Journaling has been a great way for me to get out whatever is going on in my head. When it comes to journaling, I like the metaphor of someone throwing up on a page whatever their minds have been chewing on. I’ve written (thrown up) a variety of things. From overhearing a lady talk about the shortness of life in a coffee shop to reflecting on how 20 degree weather affects my mood, journaling has helped me slow down and process life.

Journaling and songwriting can semi-satify (because what completely satisfies outside of God?) my desire to write and helps me become a better human being. God is after a flourishing humanity (Gen. 9:7) and I think that writing is a big part of His plan of redemption (the re-deeming of things that were before deemed unworthy).

Writing won’t save us, only grace can do that.

But when we slow down and contemplate the stuff of life, I think we can step further into what God has already done and is doing in the world.

2) I want to become a better writer.

Writing is an art. Any art that is to be called “good” or “beautiful” needs to be crafted and developed. It takes time and effort to write a song or poem. It takes writing and deleting and rewriting to become a better writer. This blog is simply a way for me to become a better writer, to craft a skill. I guarantee that my blog posts will have grammatical errors and some of them might not even make much sense. Feel free to message me or leave a comment if what I am saying is difficult to follow! This will help me become a better writer and teach me how to communicate more effectively. Trial and error, write? 😉

3) Why learn what I can’t share?

Is There Space? is not going to be restricted to any particular topic. Over time, I hope to see it filled with posts on a variety of topics. I might write a post about a novel or talk about architecture or reflect on a story in the Bible or share a poem. I may even have other people contribute to the blog!

My beautiful wife, Lydia, knows all too well that once I start learning about something, I can’t help but share it! I mean, why not? Gerard Manley Hopkins, an English poet and Jesuit priest from the 19th century, is well known for saying that “the world is charged with the grandeur of God.” What a quote! Every atom of every molecule finds its ground and glory in the Creator (John 1:3, Acts 17:28, Rom. 11:36, Col. 1:16). That being said, here’s my hypothesis:

 If the whole universe is teeming with God’s glory, then nothing is un-talkaboutable.

I totally made that word up! Not only is nothing un-talkaboutable, but nothing is irredeemable. So, in everything I do or say or write, I want to seek out this mystery. And I want to share it.

Thanks for reading, friends.



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