Looking at Screens: A Poem

I spend too much of my time looking at screens,
Forsaking the people around me for a post or a tweet,
Soaking up the words on a million people’s minds,
Do I even have a clue, what’s going on in mine?

I see a bird or the sun through the trees,
I’ve got the impulse to box it in a screen,
To try and show you what I’ve seen,
When you’ve seen it too, just not from me

I just want to be liked, if I’m honest okay?
If you’re honest too, I think we’re the same,
Just look at Peter, Pilate, or Kanye,
We just want to be seen, to be heard, to remain

I’m gonna try and stop some if I can,
Seek more justice, love mercy with open hands,
To walk more humbly, to try and understand,
God knows I’m weak, traveling in these lands

So here’s this poem, do with it what you may,
I’m still gonna write, still got things to say,
But I hope to make less boxes, for all the beauty God has made,
I love You, I’m with you, and we’re gonna be okay


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