Beauty & Truth

Modernity tells me there is no Light,
With prose of chance and dim-lit sight,
I see it still, I do not fright,
While solemnity walks into the night

I am told that ‘nothing’ created all,
Space and time without a fall,
The prideful knower stands so tall,
She claims divinity, in which she’ll thrall

Love is given to rock and tree,
Distortion of Divine decree,
To love our neighbor, and be set free,
All of creation, a gift from Thee

Nature is sister, not Mother or God,
A friend to behold and in stillness be awed,
A pointer to glory, a Divine applaud
Look up and look through, to the beauty of God

I will not settle for loss of Truth,
Despite theory, It always shines through,
Turns us around, brings us to You,
The Giver of Life, who in all stands True


Grace and Peace,




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